Technology Meets Skincare

Technology Meets Skincare

When it comes to personalized skincare products, the cosmetics industry’s offer is capable of making even the most attentive of women dizzy. And few are indifferent to the advertisements of so many products that promise perfect skin.

But, professional dermatologist recommends: Never buy anything without professional guidance.” Especially when the products are for the face, you need to make sure that there is no allergenic component or cream even the presence of acids, which can damage the skin when exposed to the sun.

Although it is possible for a layman to understand the characteristics of his own skin, whether it is drier or oily, for example, it is ideal to consult with dermatologists to use the most appropriate products and achieve a better result,” adds the dermatologist.

Three basic skincare criteria

Oiliness. To make no mistake in choosing your moisturizing face cream, start by evaluating your skin type based on the degree of greasiness. Skin can be dry, mixed or oily at any age. These factors are determined by genetics rather than time. Therefore, moisturizing face creams should be used at any stage of women’s life;

Age. A simple fact for defining the type of face moisturizer is age. Although genetic variation also influences, and people of the same age have quite different skins, face creams tend to work well for each age group on average;

Skin tones. The facial creams should also be chosen according to priority treatment. When your skin has a specific problem, such as wrinkles or blemishes, there are dermatologists who indicate the use of different facial creams, alternating them day by day with the moisturizing cream for the age or type of skin oils.

Technology meets skincare

You may want to consult with a dermatologist to choose skincare product. We have put together the dermatologist recommendations with technology creating the survey. This Q&A survey helps choosing personalized skincare products anytime.