Things to Do Before Hip Replacement

Things to Do Before Hip Replacement

Looking to undergo hip replacement? Don’t know exactly what you need to do before hip replacement surgery? Well, mostly the patients who have been referred to hip replacement surgery are not aware of the things they should do before having a surgery.  Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together some things you’re supposed to consider prior to making anything final. Let’s have a look at these things below;

Lose weight

If your weight is a little heavy, chances are that you may be advised to lose weight by your physician. You may have post-surgical complications if you go with a bulky body. Consult with your doctor to get specific weight loss goals and the right techniques to accomplish those goals.

Things to Do Before Hip Replacement

Exercises to strengthen the muscles

You may be advised by your doctor to do stretch exercises to be in a good form to get ready for surgery. This may help speed up the recovery process. Ask your physician to get the best exercises.

Say good bye to smoking

Smoking is dangerous to health and should be avoided at all costs. If you’re addicted to any type of illegal drug, it’s time to get rid of this. With a little patience and strong dedication, you can easily quit smoking.

Avoid blood thinners

If you’re taking medications that can make your blood thin, you may be advised by your doctor to stop taking them some time before the surgery.

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